Recover FAT files

FAT (File allocation table) is a universal file system which can be used in almost all computer OS. These file systems are fast, robust, flexible and are compatible, so they are ideally used in all kinds of removable flash storage devices such as digital cameras, media players, pen drives, memory card, iPods and etc.

Although these file system has many advantages but they lack in features such as reliability, performance and scalability. So If any corruption to these files system results in inaccessibility of the drive and often results in data loss.

Other reasons due to which data loss occurs on FAT drives:

  • Accidental deletion of a file or folder from the FAT drives on the system or from any external storage device
  • Deleting a file by using “Shift+Delete” key combination which bypasses the recycle bin
  • Formatting the FAT drives and finding out the important data from that drive was not backed up
  • Improper turning off the system when the files from the FAT partition in use
  • Sudden power failure when the file in use
  • Sever virus attack on the FAT drive
  • Interrupting while creating, resizing or converting the FAT file system
  • Ejecting the FAT device during transfer process between the system and FAT device or vice versa

The data stored in the FAT partition can be completely lost / deleted due to any of the above mentioned scenarios. But you should always remember that whenever you delete / lose a file from your FAT partition, these files are not completely removed. Only the pointers to these files are deleted from the file directory. To gain access to these files, you need to recover them. If any of the above mentioned scenarios has occurred to you then you need to find a good FAT file recovery software.

File Recovery (Windows): Is one of the best file recovery software to retrieve data from your FAT drives. The software uses advanced built-in algorithms to identify and retrieve all your deleted / lost files from your Windows OS. The tool can be used to recover all kinds of files for example images (JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG and etc.), databases, emails, music (MP3, AAC, WAV and etc.), text documents (DOC, PDF, XLSX) and etc. By using this software one can easily recover FAT files.

General Features:

  • Supports recovery of files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT file systems
  • Runs on all the latest Windows OS for example Windows XP, Windows Visit, Windows 7, Windows server 2003 and 2008
  • Recovers files from external hard drive, Pen drive, iPod, Memory Card, Memory Stick and many more removable drives
  • Recovers files from formatted / corrupted / inaccessible FAT drives

How to recover FAT files using the software

Download and install File Recovery software (Not on the FAT drive from where you’re recovering) to your system /laptop->Launch the software and stick to the on-screen procedure->Use “Delete File Recovery” option to recover your deleted files or make use of “Lost File Recovery” option to recover your lost FAT files-> The application scans and displays all the logical and external partitions->Choose the FAT drive / partition from where files are to be rescued->The Software scans and displays all the recoverable files, Select the one which you would like to recover back and click on “Next” button->Save the rescued data on to any desired location. While not on the one from where you are recovering from-> The tool also allows you to compress the retrieved files before saving to save memory