Repair Partially Recovered RAR File

RAR (Roshal Archive) is a file format which is used to store data in a compressed form. RAR files can be opened easily by using a powerful archive manager known as WinRAR. By making use of RAR format one can store single or multiple files in a compressed manner. The main benefit of RAR format is that it can be used for backup purpose. As it reduces the size of the file by compressing, it uses less memory space of hard drive to store data. If your computer is loaded with large amount of files and folders then this format is the finest option to save your entire files in compressed form.

However, sometimes situation becomes critical and the files stored in the RAR archive becomes corrupt. One of the reason for RAR file corruption is recovery software. Many users often use recovery tool to recover the RAR file. But when you use it, it will scan for the file signature and then recover the file body sector by sector which is present after the file signature. However if the RAR file is fragmented, then the recovery software will recover only that part of the file body which was present in continuation in the memory space. Under such condition recovered RAR file gets damaged and will not open.

Other than recovery software, there exists some more causes which is responsible for RAR file corruption. Some of them are:

  • If you change file extension of a specific file to some other unsupported file extension then the RAR file will get damaged
  • Interruption while unzipping RAR files can corrupt it
  • Anti-virus might damage your RAR file if it detects any threats while scanning
  • If your internet connection interrupted while downloading RAR file then RAR file may get corrupted
  • Malware and spyware are the main cause of damaging your RAR files

In order to avoid data loss it is suggested to keep the backup of important files so that if you meet any data loss situation, you can easily restore your files. But in case if you do not have its backup, the only way to get back your data is, repair software. Make use of any good repair software to open your RAR file without any difficulty.

One of the finest software which has been designed to repair RAR file is RAR Repair. It is a software that one can trust to repair partially recovered RAR file. It easily repairs the files that got corrupted or damaged. Some of its features are:

  • Repairs RAR files that got corrupted due to CRC error
  • Easily repairs large size corrupted RAR files
  • Smoothly repairs partially recovered RAR file
  • Software provides preview option which confirms that repair process was successful
  • It is so simple that a non-technical person can use it without any difficulties
  • It provides demo version which help you to check its features before buying.

Follow these instructions to repair the RAR file.

Download RAR Repair software and install it to your computer. Run the application in your system. Choose damaged RAR file that you want to repair. Start the repair process by clicking on “Repair” button. You will see the progress of repair process in the progress bar. Once the repair process ends, view the repaired files recovered from the damaged RAR file. Select the location to save the repaired files by clicking the “Save” button.