Rescue Photos from Damaged Compact Flash Card

Compact Flash card as the name suggests is a compact storage device that is used as a backup memory or sometimes as the main storage unit in cameras, camcorders and many other electronic gadgets that are available for the user.  The main advantage of these Compact Flash cards is that it has comparatively large storage capacity, greater speed than other memory cards with lower cost per MB.

For photographers, this Compact Flash memory card is like a life partner. All there valuable photos and videos are saved in the CF card. However, CF card is prone to get corrupt in many instances resulting in loss of precious photos.

For example, consider a situation where user was viewing the photos taken from his camera on the system, but he found out that some pictures are missing from it. So he removed and inserted Compact Flash card on camera to check if he can find missing pictures from CF card on camera.  But Compact Flash card on camera shows error warning that CF card is corrupted and can no longer be accessed.

What can be done now? How to recover photos from corrupted Compact Flash card? Those photos are very important and users need them urgently. Don’t worry; users can still get back photos from damaged Compact Flash card. Prior to knowing about restoring images from corrupt CF card, let us see some of the scenarios that cause corruption to Compact Flash card as explained below:

Power Surge:  Sudden loss of power when read or write process is carried out on compact flash card can lead to corruption of compact flash card. Hence proper power backup should be maintained to avoid abrupt system shutdown.

Virus Infection: Your compact flash card may get infected with virus when the storage media is used on computer which is already tainted with virus. Therefore a proper antivirus protection should be installed in the computer to prevent malware or virus attacks on computer or other external storage devices.

Accidental Formatting: Interruption to the formatting process of the compact flash card can result in corruption of the file system which in turn blocks access to entire pictures that are stored in it. It is recommended that you keep backup of your valuable photos before formatting the compact flash card.

Corrupt Compact Flash Card Recovery:

Photo Recovery is the most eminent application that can be used to restore photos from Compact Flash card that got corrupted as a result of various scenarios. This tool is made with the simplest graphical user interface and powerful algorithms to rescue all types of image files in minimum time. The best thing about this photo recovery tool is that the pictures that are rescued from corrupted Compact Flash card can be previewed and saved to any location preferred by user on computer. Apart from recovering images from Compact Flash card, this recovery tool can also rescue pictures, video files, music files and other documents from different memory cards, pen drives, Firewire drives, hard drives, external hard drives, iPods and external storage media that can be connected to the Windows computer or laptop working on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

Follow the simple procedure to install Photo Recovery tool:

Just click on this link to download  Photo Recovery tool. After the completion of the downloading process install the application by logging in as local system administrator. As soon as the installation process gets completed, launch the software and then proceed to the recovery process. Now, click on Lost Photo Recovery option that is provided on the main screen of the utility and then get to the next window, where the set of drives present in the computer are listed. Select the Compact Flash card that is connected to the computer and then go to the next screen to select the set of file types that have to be restored. Upon completion of the scanning process, the rescued files from damaged Compact Flash card can be previewed prior to saving them on the desired destination location as available to the user

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Install best antivirus protection to prevent virus infection
  • Keep good source of power backup to prevent sudden system shutdown
  • Avoid abrupt removal of Compact Flash card during the read / write process