How to Fix Outlook PST File Access Denied Error

Is your Outlook showing “Outlook PST file access denied” error? Don’t have knowledge about this error? Then this is the right page to get information about this error and also this page will help you to fix this error.

Normally, Outlook users have experienced this kind of error on a daily basis. Lots of Outlook errors are there, but this is the most commonly occurred error. But no need to worry about this error. You can fix this kind of errors simply. You can use a number of methodologies to fix this kind of issue. Before going to know about the solution for this error just know reasons that may cause this error.

Reasons for Outlook PST file access denied error:

  • When you import PST file form DC-ROM by using import and export wizard, then it will display error message like ‘Microsoft Outlook: File access is denied. You don’t have permission to access the file c:\Users\Admin\Documents\Outlook Files\Outlook.pst.
  • The above error message will occur when your Windows operating system is corrupted due to incorrect OS installation or update

If you are getting the above error message, then you can fix this error by applying the following methods.

Techniques to fix Outlook PST file access denied error:     


You can use Inbox Repair Tool to fix PST file error. But unfortunately Inbox Repair Tool cannot repair severely damaged or corrupted PST file. If you are unable to fix this issue by using the Inbox Repair Tool then you can go for solution2.


First, copy PST file from CD-ROM to system hard drive. Then, click on PST file properties and uncheck the read only check box. After that, click on finish option to complete the process

In case, If you are unable fix the above error by applying above two solutions also, then you have to use file repair software to fix this error. Number of PST repair software available to fix PST related errors. Among those, you can choose Outlook PST Repair software to fix the above error easily by simply applying 2 to 3 steps.

Software to fix Outlook PST file access denied error:

Outlook PST Repair software is designed to fix errors like Outlook PST file access denied on Windows system. It can efficiently repair Outlook PST file errors and restore notes, calendar, items, personal folders, emails tasks and journals etc on Windows system. Even, this utility has the capability to repair encrypted and password protected Outlook PST file. User friendly interface of this application make user to operate it easily without having prior knowledge. It supports all versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

Procedure to fix Outlook PST file access denied error:

Click here to download and install Outlook PST repair software on your system. From main screen will get three options such as “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” And “Select Outlook Profile”. Select any option according to your requirement. Next, select Outlook PST file that showing error. After that, select the appropriate scanning method and browse for the destination path where the fixed Outlook PST file has to be store. After successful completion of repair it will display fixed PST file and its contents.

How to Recover Videos from Recycle Bin

“Recently I removed some useless video files from desktop and emptied recycle bin to free some memory disk space. Later found that, accidentally deleted my memorable video files by using shift delete key from hard drive which bypassed recycle bin. I am badly in need of those files, can anybody help me to recover video from recycle bin on windows system? Suggestions are welcomed…

No need to worry!! You are not the only user who is facing the above mention condition. Many users experience the same problem. This problem can be solved easily by using a reliable recovery tool.Before going into recovery software lets have a look at few reason for deletion of files from recycle bin:

  • Erasing video files using command prompt or by using ‘shift + delete’ keys will bypassed recycle bin leads to file deletion
  • Accidentally formatting storage drive of video files results in deletion of those files in it
  • Server virus attack on system hard drive leads to deletion of entire files along with that video
  • Formatting of drive which contains your vital video files leads to loss of file
  • Abruptly removal of external storage device during transfer process leads to file loss

The above mentioned scenarios lead to data loss, but no need to panic about it. By utilizing reliable software you can easily recover deleted or lost video files from windows computer.

Tool to recover videos from recycle bin

Photo recovery is the best tool to recover your lost or deleted video from recycle bin on windows system. This utility efficiently work to restore video in any format such as MOV, M4V, XVID, MP4 etc.It can retrieve the video files which are deleted from all kind of storage devices such as memory card, USB drive, external hard drive, fire wire drive, SD card, iPod etc.It supported file systems are FAT,NTFS,exFAT and ReFS. This tool is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008 operating system. In this amazing software you can check the quality of record videos by using preview option.

Steps to restore videos from recycle bin

First of all Download and install photo recovery software in your Windows system then follow the given instruction. Then you need to choose either deleted photo recovery or lost photo recovery depending on your situation. After that choose the drive from where deleted or lost video file have to be recovered. On next screen you can view the recoverable file from two different types like Data view and file type view. Select the file type and after the completion of scanning process, you will get list of all restored files. Now you can view those files using preview option and save it on desired destination location.