Testing Virtual Reality On Individuals

It is going to be a new twist for the users who are using virtual reality displays, because most of the people are suffering from motion sickness by using that displays. The researchers from University of Wisconsin-Madison confirmed that, this technique of playing heavy videos through Oculus Rift (virtual reality headset comes like a pair of goggles). Many of the subjects regarding to education stopped watching videos, because of the situations overcome by nausea in virtual reality discomfort for the people when they are facing real world situations.

“Motion Sickness is a result of mismatched sensory information

Let us consider an example “reading in a car while moving”. If you try to read newspaper in car, you probably can’t. Because if you are having newspaper with you, but your visual system will tell you’re still, isn’t it?

But if you are not still even when the newspaper is not moving, the car speed will gradually increase or decrease, curves when there are corners in road, climbs if the road is not proper. So, that means you are moving and that will be a big mismatch with your two eyes on stable newspaper.

Oculus Rift generates that inequality in reverse, while the 3D pictures will move around flying forests, under long bridges, climbing over buildings, but the headset and the audience are not moving actually. It just predicts the way of real world. The audience doesn’t have any chance to control the motion of 3D object which is playing.

Why some users feeling sick to stick with Oculus Rift?

Rockers and Green found from their clear study that many of the people who are reported that they are discomfort using oculus are also best at questioning the motion of objects moving near and far away from them. It seems like naturally that the people who are sensitive to 3D view might think the fact of visual motion signals which is provided in Oculus might be inconsistent with balanced signals. It was just a view of moving objects that may predict motion sickness.

Virtual reality makers might be able to use the results from researchers for guidance of their future work. So, now you can easily categorize the people who are suffering from motion sickness. You can even test your product on them to ensure larger market for your product.