Troubleshooting Gray Screen of Death on OS X

Many times, Mac OS X may start freezing and give gray screen error on the screen. Also, Mac can get stuck in the half-way and can completely become unresponsive for a period of time. It implies that there are some hardware related problems into it. You can solve this problem at your own risk by following some of the troubleshooting steps.

  1. Disconnect all the external devices: First thing you need to do is disconnect all the external devices like printer, scanner, external drive, USB drive, and then shut down the Mac safely.Now follow the trail and error method, try to connect all these external devices one by one and also test which device is creating the Grey Screen of Death. However, even after disconnecting and reconnecting the external devices, if you are not able to figure out the problem and still facing “Grey screen of death” error; then you can try performing a “safe boot” to see if that solves the problem.
  2. Start your Mac choosing “Safe Boot” option: Shut down the system, or hold the power button until the system shut down. Now, restart again by holding the shift key, it makes your Mac run in safe mode i.e. safe boot performs various system checks and repairs on Mac, which also includes disabling all start-up and log-in application. In case Mac starts up properly, shut it down immediately, and restart it. Even after doing a safe reboot if you are still stuck on the grey screen then try for next step.
  3. Repair Mac using Start-up Disk: Start your Mac using Mac OS X Disk and run the Disk Utility from the menu bar. Then, start-up your Mac by inserting the Disk and simultaneously press C key from your keyboard until your Mac restarts. The disk utility can be very helpful in repairing the operations on Mac drive and resolving all the gray screen death related errors. If this step won’t work try for next step.
  4. Reset PRAM settings: This process may help you in fixing the boot-failure issue. PRAM stands for parameter random access memory, which is useful for storing some of your Mac configuration. To reset the PRAM, turn on your Mac and hold the Option-Command-P-R keys simultaneously until your OS X restarts finally. When it starts, release the keys.
  5. Reinstall OS X: If none of the above-discussed steps works, then the last and final option is to reinstall your Mac and try to install the latest version of OS X. It will help you in fixing the Mac Grey screen death problem.

Note: Before reinstalling make sure that you have a proper backup of required data as it may lead to data loss. If you face any data loss issues then rely on Yodot Data Recovery tool.

After following all the above steps still you are not able to fix the grey screen death error, then you can contact your nearest Apple service provider to solve the problem further.