Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Separate Photo Libraries in Mac Photos App

Mac Photos app enables you to create a new photo library which means it’s simple to make a separate photo library to hold some images outside of a primary photo collection. It can be helpful for various reasons, whether to differentiate a personal image library from a work photo library or if you want to keep a private picture library from other images on the same system.

Making a new Photo library is pretty simple in Photos for Mac but it’s not completely intuitive since there’s no menu where you can create a new library. Follow the below tutorial to create a separate new photo library in Photos for Mac OS.

Steps to create a new photo library in Mac Photos app

  1. Quit Photos app in Mac.
  2. Re-launch the Photos app in Mac by holding the Option key and double-click the Photos icon in Application folder.
  3. Under the Choose Library window, click Create New.
  4. Give name to the new image library and select a location to store the library on your Mac.
  5. Click OK button to finish the process.

Once you complete all the above steps successfully, Photos app will open with a new and entirely blank picture library. That means it will not hold any of the previously imported images unless specifically added.

Now, it is ready to import images into this new library and give you the following options:

  • Use Import option from the File menu.
  • Connect a camera or memory card to import images from that.
  • Drag photos into the Photos tool to import by file.
  • Turn on iCloud Photo Library app and import images from your iCloud account.

By following above method you can easily import your images into Photos library. In case, Photos app alerts you about the shortage of space on your disk then you can delete some images from your library by following these instructions;

  1. Choose the pictures that you wish to delete and click Command-Delete
  2. Next, select Recently Deleted tab under Albums
  3. Select all the images that you want to delete from your library and click Delete Items.

Now that you have created a separate photo library, you may want to switch between the default and newly created library sometimes. Here’s how to switch between photo libraries:

  1. Quit Photos app in Mac.
  2. Re-launch the Photos app in Mac by holding the Option key and double-click the Photos icon in Application folder.
  3. Under the Choose Library window, select one of the following tab:
  • Choose the library you want to use and click Choose Library.
  • If the image library you want doesn’t appear in the Choose Library box, hit Other Library and go to the location of the library. Then select it and click Choose Library.


Troubleshooting Gray Screen of Death on OS X

Many times, Mac OS X may start freezing and give gray screen error on the screen. Also, Mac can get stuck in the half-way and can completely become unresponsive for a period of time. It implies that there are some hardware related problems into it. You can solve this problem at your own risk by following some of the troubleshooting steps.

  1. Disconnect all the external devices: First thing you need to do is disconnect all the external devices like printer, scanner, external drive, USB drive, and then shut down the Mac safely.Now follow the trail and error method, try to connect all these external devices one by one and also test which device is creating the Grey Screen of Death. However, even after disconnecting and reconnecting the external devices, if you are not able to figure out the problem and still facing “Grey screen of death” error; then you can try performing a “safe boot” to see if that solves the problem.
  2. Start your Mac choosing “Safe Boot” option: Shut down the system, or hold the power button until the system shut down. Now, restart again by holding the shift key, it makes your Mac run in safe mode i.e. safe boot performs various system checks and repairs on Mac, which also includes disabling all start-up and log-in application. In case Mac starts up properly, shut it down immediately, and restart it. Even after doing a safe reboot if you are still stuck on the grey screen then try for next step.
  3. Repair Mac using Start-up Disk: Start your Mac using Mac OS X Disk and run the Disk Utility from the menu bar. Then, start-up your Mac by inserting the Disk and simultaneously press C key from your keyboard until your Mac restarts. The disk utility can be very helpful in repairing the operations on Mac drive and resolving all the gray screen death related errors. If this step won’t work try for next step.
  4. Reset PRAM settings: This process may help you in fixing the boot-failure issue. PRAM stands for parameter random access memory, which is useful for storing some of your Mac configuration. To reset the PRAM, turn on your Mac and hold the Option-Command-P-R keys simultaneously until your OS X restarts finally. When it starts, release the keys.
  5. Reinstall OS X: If none of the above-discussed steps works, then the last and final option is to reinstall your Mac and try to install the latest version of OS X. It will help you in fixing the Mac Grey screen death problem.

Note: Before reinstalling make sure that you have a proper backup of required data as it may lead to data loss. If you face any data loss issues then rely on Yodot Data Recovery tool.

After following all the above steps still you are not able to fix the grey screen death error, then you can contact your nearest Apple service provider to solve the problem further.

Microsoft is Presenting its Windows iPhone Keyboard to iOS

microsoft keyboardThe user of iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus only knows difficulty of stretching their thumb across screen to touch Q, W or A, on left- side of keyboard while trying to tap from one-handed.

However, from now onward, users will not be facing it anymore since Microsoft is presenting its Windows Phone keyboard to iOS. The software colossal is presently examining initial version of keyboard inside, and then will make it ready to use for public shortly. Confidant authorities of Microsoft’s disclosed that iOS keyboard contains exclusive single-handed approach.

Even though Windows 10 Mobile’s keyboard has one-handed mechanism, Microsoft’s iOS form is distinct. Here, one-handed mode works on every side, which permits you to use either hand to swipe characters or tap on the go. While Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile keyboard just move to side, to establish a short keyboard, instead of spread-out key structure used in iOS edition. The keyboard will be bowed over bottom-left corner of screen in order to reach every letter within distance of single thumb and don’t use screen space in corner directly.

A left-hand typist can also able to flip keyboard to another edge. In 2014, Apple brought an alternative change in iOS’s default keyboard.

Microsoft isn’t the pioneer to offer a fan shaped single handed keyboard. The Thumbly keyboard is also reinforced over the idea, but it is one of the better characteristics of Windows Phone.

Microsoft took into account of Android and iOS software accompanying versions of Word, Outlook and others for both platforms after focusing ahead of its own software.

Except for single-handed mode, remaining features of Word Flow for iOS will be very much like Windows Phone version. You can get word suggestions, emoji, and Swype to type words. Microsoft is planning to bring Word Flow to iOS in the coming months; with an Android version expected later this year.IOS Word Flow keyboard is anticipated in upcoming months.

Testing Virtual Reality On Individuals

It is going to be a new twist for the users who are using virtual reality displays, because most of the people are suffering from motion sickness by using that displays. The researchers from University of Wisconsin-Madison confirmed that, this technique of playing heavy videos through Oculus Rift (virtual reality headset comes like a pair of goggles). Many of the subjects regarding to education stopped watching videos, because of the situations overcome by nausea in virtual reality discomfort for the people when they are facing real world situations.

“Motion Sickness is a result of mismatched sensory information

Let us consider an example “reading in a car while moving”. If you try to read newspaper in car, you probably can’t. Because if you are having newspaper with you, but your visual system will tell you’re still, isn’t it?

But if you are not still even when the newspaper is not moving, the car speed will gradually increase or decrease, curves when there are corners in road, climbs if the road is not proper. So, that means you are moving and that will be a big mismatch with your two eyes on stable newspaper.

Oculus Rift generates that inequality in reverse, while the 3D pictures will move around flying forests, under long bridges, climbing over buildings, but the headset and the audience are not moving actually. It just predicts the way of real world. The audience doesn’t have any chance to control the motion of 3D object which is playing.

Why some users feeling sick to stick with Oculus Rift?

Rockers and Green found from their clear study that many of the people who are reported that they are discomfort using oculus are also best at questioning the motion of objects moving near and far away from them. It seems like naturally that the people who are sensitive to 3D view might think the fact of visual motion signals which is provided in Oculus might be inconsistent with balanced signals. It was just a view of moving objects that may predict motion sickness.

Virtual reality makers might be able to use the results from researchers for guidance of their future work. So, now you can easily categorize the people who are suffering from motion sickness. You can even test your product on them to ensure larger market for your product.

Comparison between Google compelling tablets: Nexus 9 and Pixel C

Today we are going to tell you about Google’s two new gadgets of its competing product line. At one place, there is Pixel C tablet — which is entirely new where on another side there’s Nexus, which since 2010 has represented Google’s vision of Android on both a hardware and software level.

As Google pixel c was entirely new so we tried our best to explore its every side in front of you. Here are some points, which will help you to understand different functionality of both gadgets:


If we will talk about the height of both gadgets, you may become surprised that Pixel C size is 10.2 inches whereas Nexus 9’s is 8.9 inches. (That’s diagonal of the display) but pixel c’s bigger size makes it a bit uncomfortable for users to carry. However, Nexus 9’s and Pixel C‘s weight starts at 425 grams and 517 grams respectively which is another reason for user’s discomfort.

Display Screen:

The Pixel C with its 2560×1800 resolution has a few more pixels per inch than the Nexus 9 (308 vs. 281), and combine that with a less-yellow temperature and whatever other magic is being performed, and you have a display that’s crisper, not as washed out and really makes the colors pop.


The Nexus 9 is the dual-core configuration of K1, with a couple Denver CPUs and 192 CUDA cores for graphics. Performance is all about the working well with the software. And right now, in the early days of the Pixel C, it definitely seems as though Android 6.0.1 is working better on the Nexus 9, with fewer hang-ups and app crashes.


Finally, we’ve got the speakers. HTC has long been the industry leader because of “Boom Sound” feature in phones. And that mostly carried over to the Nexus 9 and its front-facing speakers. The Pixel C has its speakers on the side, and they do a pretty good job of directing sound forward and not just shooting it out laterally.

However, an overall size of the Pixel C, there’s a noticeable lack of depth when you compare it to the Nexus 9. That does not mean that its bad but the thing is the its rivel has competetively morer effetiveness.








Strong Google pixel C tablet

Google designed first Android 10.2-inch Pixel C tablet which is built for productivity as well as useful features. Google pixel C tablet was first proclaimed in September which goes up against Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and Apple’s iPad Pro. So all are focused on tablet by making work more ready with great keyboards. The major computer makers are competing to make the best keyboard which is magical ingredient, will transform a fun-loving tablet into a work device.

Keyboard of Google (GOOG) pixel C tablet:

Google pixel C tablet is rigid with bare bones but feels well made. Its outer cover is made up of anodized aluminum and inner body is made up of real plastic keys which will click and clack. This keyboard is attached to the screen using a wide magnetic strip, which makes the two objects to work as well as it feel like one device. The Pixel C’s keyboard is directly recharges from the tablet when it is attached as a cover. But its performance doesn’t live up to the design. If we type something at normal speed in a Google Doc it will show a noticeable lag. However, sometimes you may come across common issue while handling keyboard such as letters may stuck while writing in such instance keyboard may stop its working and the tablet switch to an onscreen keyboard.

In Chromebook, the Pixel C’s Caps Lock button has been replaced with a dedicated search button. Google have declared that trackpad and mouse are unnecessary in Apple AAPL, Tech30. This two device will be available in pixel C tablet where you can touch it on the screen.

Nowadays, Tablets is growing well as smartphones and it frequently run with modified versions of their simple operating systems. It feels quite difficult to multitask without full versions of productivity software or the traditional multitasking features of a desktop.

The Pixel C has the power of a work laptop. It runs on Nvidia Texgra X1 processor and its battery backup is more than 10 hours. There is one USB Type-C port, where you can charge the battery, can transfer the data or you can connect it to an external display and even you can power up your phone.


Best five Picked Apps of this Weekend

After inventions of so many features, it seems that now nothing is impossible for us. In Today’s world, more than half phone memory is filled with apps instead of contacts. We became so dependable, that without them we are feeling incomplete. However, many of us got so busy that we missed so many new and more attractive apps. So, if you have missed this week’s innovative apps then take a look on below mentioned list:

Adobe Post

Recently, Adobe has planned to make your Instagram posts a tiny more polished. Now, you can effectively give a professional look to data by combining your photos with text, filters and custom color palettes and design templates to create Instagram-ready graphics. It also lets you use Creative Cloud library (if you are a subscriber) and choose from a selection of free stock photos. iOS user can make use of this app as free.


“SpeakEmoji”, it is a new voice dictation app that translates your spoken words into emoji. the app can change even the lengthy statements into emoji characters. After receiving your translation, place it in (copy and paste the emoji) anywhere else you’d typically use the characters. Presently its coming with the gadgets having iOS and Android.

Xmas Cam

It is another new free app for apple user that can helps you to make your photos into shareable, festive, holiday cards. Pick an image from your camera roll, add a festive overlay (or three) and store it to your Camera Roll or share to another app. Xmas Cam comes with dozens of attractive stickers and it also facilitates to add some more to give your photos and videos a new design.

This app is utilizable for fun loving children. As like its name, it also allows you to impersonate your family, friends, etc through images you have on your phone. It offers a fun and clever way of playing prank with your friendly ones.
To do that, grab a photo, choose an area of their face and record your own face and voice over the image. After this no doubts, you will get hilarious video. For apple user it costs $1.99.

Swing Copters 2


After the success of Flappy Bird, developers has introduces additional features into their next game ‘Swing Copters 2’. In ‘Swing Copters 2, you can adds additional pilots, each of which flies a separately and differently. In case you want to release more pilots then you can go for in-app purchases or through in-game little achievements. It is free for all iOS users.

Free Alternative Softwares to Open Spreadsheet

There are some spreadsheet softwares available that are completely free and can be easily downloaded to Windows PC. Let us know about some of free spreadsheet softwares in detail.

  • Open Office Calc
  • Kingsoft Spreadsheets
  • Accel Spreadsheet
  • Household Budget Worksheet
  • QT Calc Express

Open Office Calc:

Open Office Calc is innovation of Apache OpenOffice Suite. This spreadsheet allows you to store numbers and lists. In which you can generate various formulas, perform basic mathematical operations, formatting, analysis and so on. It enables you to access MS Excel document.

Kingsoft Spreadsheets:

This spreadsheet program supports XLSX and XLS file formats. This application allows you to open MS Excel document and you can even perform all the operations and analysis which you do in MS Excel. Kingsoft Spreadsheet application permits you to create variety of charts, graphs, reports and many in flexible and powerful manner.

Accel Spreadsheet:

Accel Spreadsheet program is standalone product of SSuite Office. It is loaded with unique as well as improved functions and features. Mainly, the Header Naming Options allow you to rename column or row header. This spreadsheet software is capable of doing anything same as MS Excel also save the file in XLS and XLSX formats.

Household Budget Worksheet:

The simple spreadsheet which lets you to perform various operations is, Household Budget Worksheet for Excel. The purpose of this spreadsheet application is to make your monthly work simple by providing detailed list of categories with actual income and expenses. Even you can add or remove categories based on your needs.

QT Calc Express:

QT Calc Express is completely free spreadsheet software and finest alternative to MS Excel. Actually, it is very small but extremely useful application for everyday use. It will allow you to present your data in numerical report or in colorful graphics.

Apart from above-mentioned applications there exist many other free spreadsheet software. These free tools let you to do all kinds of operations exactly in same way as you do in MS Office Excel.

Solution for Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive failure is the most common issue for computer users.  There are many reasons that causes to hard drive fail. If you use same hard drive continuously for longer period of time then it may get failure. This is one of the main common reasons for hard drive failure.

You can see hard drive failure in portable device such as laptops when it gets dropped by someone. The parts of hard drive are very sensitive so if you drop your laptop it will begin to exhibit signs like buzzing sounds or power down the system immediately.

Another reason for hard drive failure is power spikes, if your system is not plugged into a surge protected device or power bar often a power spike can roast the internal components including the hard drive. This is not frequently happens, but some users may experience this kind of situations.

What kind of sign will hard drive give before getting failure or inaccessible?

Below are some of the signs that the hard drive will give before getting failure:

  • Computer freezes often and the mouse cursor is unmovable and keyboard input is ignored, nothing works and a restart is needed to recover the computer
  • Frequently lock up during booting

These are typical sign you will get before hard drive failure. Once you observe this kind of signs then it’s better to take the back up of your data immediately. Otherwise you are giving chance to hard drive to lose your complete data.


Once we have get symptoms for hard drive failure then first thing you have to do is just stop working on that system. And verify the following things:

  • Verify whether the power cable and data cable is properly connected to the drive or not
  • If you are using a IDE drive then ensure the ribbon cable is aligned properly or not and master/slave assignment is correctly set to this IDE drive or not

Also checks the BIOS connection of the hard drive, for this go into the computer’s BIOS and check the drive. If it is able to detect the hard drive that means we have a solid connection. But it doesn’t mean that drive is good or working fine.

Use the third party disk management program to view the partition on the drive. If no active partition is found then the partitions are screwed up. Means your data has become in accessible or loss. But you can use data recovery software to get back your data. If your hard drive is partially working then go for Scan Disk or Check Disk options on the drive. These are the best options if your hard disk is functioning partially.

Software option to recover your hard drive failure:

If your hard drive is not fully crashed then “Disk Utility “can help you to recover somewhat. But if hard drive is completely crashed then no software option can overcome that. In such cases recovery software is the only option to recover your hard drive.

Recovery software:

Too many people will lose the data which is not backed up and they will struggle a lot to get back those data. There is some recovery software available in the market to recover your data from failed hard drive. But the cost of this software will ranges from $300 to $400. The data recovery will depend on the nature of hard drive failure. i.e, if the electronics of the drive died, but mechanisms are OK, then replacing the electronic board can retrieve the drive. If the read /write head died, but platters still spin are intact, then the data is still is there and a new read/write head is needed to get the data.