Comparison between Google compelling tablets: Nexus 9 and Pixel C

Today we are going to tell you about Google’s two new gadgets of its competing product line. At one place, there is Pixel C tablet — which is entirely new where on another side there’s Nexus, which since 2010 has represented Google’s vision of Android on both a hardware and software level.

As Google pixel c was entirely new so we tried our best to explore its every side in front of you. Here are some points, which will help you to understand different functionality of both gadgets:


If we will talk about the height of both gadgets, you may become surprised that Pixel C size is 10.2 inches whereas Nexus 9’s is 8.9 inches. (That’s diagonal of the display) but pixel c’s bigger size makes it a bit uncomfortable for users to carry. However, Nexus 9’s and Pixel C‘s weight starts at 425 grams and 517 grams respectively which is another reason for user’s discomfort.

Display Screen:

The Pixel C with its 2560×1800 resolution has a few more pixels per inch than the Nexus 9 (308 vs. 281), and combine that with a less-yellow temperature and whatever other magic is being performed, and you have a display that’s crisper, not as washed out and really makes the colors pop.


The Nexus 9 is the dual-core configuration of K1, with a couple Denver CPUs and 192 CUDA cores for graphics. Performance is all about the working well with the software. And right now, in the early days of the Pixel C, it definitely seems as though Android 6.0.1 is working better on the Nexus 9, with fewer hang-ups and app crashes.


Finally, we’ve got the speakers. HTC has long been the industry leader because of “Boom Sound” feature in phones. And that mostly carried over to the Nexus 9 and its front-facing speakers. The Pixel C has its speakers on the side, and they do a pretty good job of directing sound forward and not just shooting it out laterally.

However, an overall size of the Pixel C, there’s a noticeable lack of depth when you compare it to the Nexus 9. That does not mean that its bad but the thing is the its rivel has competetively morer effetiveness.