Failed to Format a Micro SD Card

A micro SD card turns problematic when it is unable to format. It all starts when SD card suddenly asks to format but when attempted to do so it will just fail. Now if you remove the card from the device, connect it to a computer, and try to format it there it could still remain the same. Some users do not really want to proceed with formatting the memory card when precious data is existing on the card, whose backup is unavailable. It also happens that the card files become inaccessible on one side and it is asking to format on the other side- that, in turn, cannot accomplish. It is like a stuck up situation where card data is completely at risk.

The major reason for such behavior with the removable card is the corruptions. It could also be due to some conflicts in the card file system, card device turned RAW, virus programs, bad sectors, card errors and so on.

What can help when SD shows format error?

#Windows Disk Management: Whenever SD card is connected to system externally in order to format, it may not directly allow you to do so and shows an error that “Windows was unable to complete the format”. It is not the end; there is one more way to format a card in Windows system. It is with the Disk Management utility that you find under My Computer. Open the disk management tool – select the card – Go with format option – Click on Ok.

In this way, you can format the micro SD card, all data that had been saved onto card will be completely erased from SD media. If it is the case that you are concerned about the files before formatting the card then here is a solution for that too:

#Card  Recovery program: It is the one that will help to restore data when you tried to format failed micro SD card. Even after formatting using disk management, it is still possible to bring card files back. It is achieved with eminent recovery algorithms implemented within the software.

Know more about recovering SD card data:

  • It is an optimal tool to retrieve data from SDHC, SDXC, MMC, XD, memory sticks and other external storage devices.
  • All types of audio, video, text, raw images, picture contents etc. can be restored smoothly; supporting all types of file types and extensions(.img, .gif, .png, .jpg, .mp3, .mp4, .bmp, .tif, .wav, .mpeg and lots more)
  • Other than format errors, it can even restore deleted or lost card files in a short time span
  • Tool comes to be handy with a simply designed interface
  • Allows to preview file before complete recovery process
  • Running this tool will not affect any part of data in card as well as system
  • Works well on all Windows operating system versions- Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista. Even compatible with Windows Server 2003 and 2008 editions.
  • One can also get technical assistance from tech-experts team for 24/7

Steps to retrieve micro SD card media data:

Step 1: Connect the card to Windows system and make sure the device is recognized

Step 2: Download the program

Step 3: Carry out installation and execute the application

Step 4: Pick Lost Photo Recovery option

Step 5: Now mark the card from where data is to restore

Step 6: Select the file items that you want to recover or simply Mark All

Step 7: The tool scans the SD card and returns a list of regained items

Step 8: Preview the data using either of File Type View or Data View style

Step 9: Choose a safe location to save recovered SD card contents