File Recovery after Reinstalling Macintosh

Due to improper operation of your Macintosh, you thought of reinstalling it, in order to get it normal and improve its performance. When the re-installation is done, it displayed two options “Archive and Install” and “Erase and Install”. Without paying much attention you pressed, “Erase and Install” option. Later, you found that the files and folders which you have saved have been erased completely. The situation becomes worst when you reminded that you haven’t taken backup of it. You can’t imagine losing such huge amount of data. But the fact is, it’s not lost yet. When you reinstall Mac OS on your system, the new files may overwrite the old one. Therefore after the reinstalling, there are big chances of losing the data. Fortunately, you can get back deleted those files from your Macintosh, after re-installation.

Reasons why Macintosh re-installation is done:

  • When your system is attacked by virus, it damages all the files and in turn slows down the performance of computer. Many times the anti-virus program is not able to identify the virus if it is not updated. Thus operating system takes much time to open a single file. In such case you have to reinstall the Mac OS X to improve its performance
  • If you’re Mac OS X gets corrupt due to some unknown error, you have to re-install it
  • You might accidentally delete some files from the operating system registry. Without those files your computer may not work properly or may even not boot. In such instances you need to reinstall the Mac in order to get the files that are being deleted

At the time of re-installing Mac, there may be chance of getting your files lost. In order to avoid loss of data during re-installation of Macintosh, it is suggested you to keep the backup of the entire data which is present in your Mac machine. So that you are on a safer side and even if some error occurs, you can easily restore those files.

If you end up losing data without any backup, you still have the chance to get back all your deleted files. By making use of good data recovery software you can get back the files that you lost. You can use Mac File Recovery software, as it offers better results. It is specially designed for file recovery after reinstalling Macintosh. This advanced software simply scans hard drive of Mac computer and helps to recover your lost data after re-installation. This software is compatible with all versions of Mac OS X. It has simple and easy user interface by which even a non-technical user can easily retrieve the data that they lost.

Go as per the instructions provided below:

  • Firstly, disconnect the affected hard drive and attach it to a healthy Mac computer. Visit here
  • Download and install  Mac File Recovery software
  •  Select “Lost File Recovery” option from the main window, to retrieve the file that you lost from the Mac
  • The software will display the physical drives that are present,
  • Choose the drive from which you want to recover the data
  • The software starts scanning and all the volumes that are present in the hard drive before re installation will be displayed
  • Choose the one that you want to recover
  • Now the files that are present will be displayed. Select the files that you want. If you need all the files then select the option “Mark All“
  • Preview the recovered files before saving
  • Save the recovered files to desired location or drive