Free Alternative Softwares to Open Spreadsheet

There are some spreadsheet softwares available that are completely free and can be easily downloaded to Windows PC. Let us know about some of free spreadsheet softwares in detail.

  • Open Office Calc
  • Kingsoft Spreadsheets
  • Accel Spreadsheet
  • Household Budget Worksheet
  • QT Calc Express

Open Office Calc:

Open Office Calc is innovation of Apache OpenOffice Suite. This spreadsheet allows you to store numbers and lists. In which you can generate various formulas, perform basic mathematical operations, formatting, analysis and so on. It enables you to access MS Excel document.

Kingsoft Spreadsheets:

This spreadsheet program supports XLSX and XLS file formats. This application allows you to open MS Excel document and you can even perform all the operations and analysis which you do in MS Excel. Kingsoft Spreadsheet application permits you to create variety of charts, graphs, reports and many in flexible and powerful manner.

Accel Spreadsheet:

Accel Spreadsheet program is standalone product of SSuite Office. It is loaded with unique as well as improved functions and features. Mainly, the Header Naming Options allow you to rename column or row header. This spreadsheet software is capable of doing anything same as MS Excel also save the file in XLS and XLSX formats.

Household Budget Worksheet:

The simple spreadsheet which lets you to perform various operations is, Household Budget Worksheet for Excel. The purpose of this spreadsheet application is to make your monthly work simple by providing detailed list of categories with actual income and expenses. Even you can add or remove categories based on your needs.

QT Calc Express:

QT Calc Express is completely free spreadsheet software and finest alternative to MS Excel. Actually, it is very small but extremely useful application for everyday use. It will allow you to present your data in numerical report or in colorful graphics.

Apart from above-mentioned applications there exist many other free spreadsheet software. These free tools let you to do all kinds of operations exactly in same way as you do in MS Office Excel.