Get Back Photos from Compact Flash Memory Card

“I am a professional photographer and I use Nikon digital camera to capture all required pictures. I had saved numerous photos on Compact Flash memory card of the camera. Couple of days before I connected my camera along with CF card on to Windows computer for transferring recently captured pictures. But the transfer process was dismissed without completion due to sudden power failure. This action left me with loss of all beautiful pictures that I was transferring. Is there any possible way to get back those lost photos from CF card?”

This is experienced with many of the camera users who use CF card as external storage device on their gadgets to save captured photos. Compact Flash cards are highly utilized on various cameras like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, etc. However, pictures on these CF memory cards may get lost due to various reasons. Let us see few of them below.

Scenarios causing loss of photos from CF cards:

  • File system corruption: File system of CF memory card can get corrupt due to virus infection, bad sectors, etc. that leads to inaccessibility of pictures saved on it
  • Mishandling memory card: Capturing pictures when CF card on camera is improperly mounted, making use of same CF card on different models of camera, etc. can even result in deletion or inaccessibility of photo files on CF card
  • Capturing pictures when camera is out of battery: Pictures on CF card may also be lost if you access photos when camera is showing low battery
  • Accidental formatting: If CF card containing numerous pictures in it is mistakenly formatted on Windows system then all the photos will be erased at once
  • Other reasons: Accidentally deleting photos from CF card on camera using “Erase All’ option, abrupt removal of CF memory card from camera while accessing any photos, malware infection to CF card, photo deletion from CF card when connected on system, etc. may also end up in loss of photos

When photos are lost from CF memory card, first thing to do is stop using the card for saving new photos on it. You never know that when photos files are lost from storage media like CF memory card, literally they are not permanently lost or deleted. Photo files will be present on the card but all the access information will be removed such that they become invisible and inaccessible. Hence, until the CF card is overwritten i.e. stored with any new photos files, one can successfully restore back lost pictures. Given below is the best solution if you are thinking how to get pictures off Compact Flash memory card?

Use third party photo recovery tool to get back pictures from CF memory card. Photo Recovery is one such recovery tool that can proficiently retrieve deleted, missing or lost pictures on various memory cards like CF, SD, SDHC, Micro SD, xD-Picture card, MMC, Smart Media, etc. This software can bring back all the media files such as JPEG, MPEG, MP3, MP4, TIF, IMG, BMP, PNG, DIVX, M4V and many more on Windows OS based computers. It also supports recovery of pictures from removable hard drive, system hard disk, Flash drive, pen drive and so on.

Know how to recover photos from compact flash card:

Connect CF card on to Windows system from which photos are lost. Download Photo Recovery software and install it on Windows system. After complete installation process, launch the utility. In the main screen, click on either “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” options based on your photo loss situation. Next, select the drive associated with CF card connected on the system and proceed. Now, the software starts to scan for all photo files on CF card and provides a list of it. Select required picture files or by default all files will be selected to recover. Then specify desired location to store the recoverable files and click on ‘Save’.