How to Copy Outlook Inbox to a New Computer?

At times end user may encounter some situations where in they have to copy entire Outlook Inbox to a new computer. As this migration process is a bit tricky, they may face difficulties in handling it. Take a look on one such scenario reported by user:

Hi, I recently got a new computer and thus I wanted to transfer all files form old system to new system. However, I have no idea on how to move Outlook Inbox. So can anyone help me to get to know about how to successfully migrate Outlook inbox to new computer?”

No worries!!! The process of migrating existing Outlook Inbox to a new system is easy and simple. Just read this piece of editorial carefully to know how to copy Outlook Inbox to new computer? But before starting migration task, user has to make sure that Outlook application has been installed on both old and new computers. Then user can utilize next approach to effortlessly get Inbox data on to new system.

Effective option to copy outlook Inbox to new computer

Yodot Move Outlook PST is one of the advanced application that can help in moving Outlook profiles from one system to another. Besides this, it has ability to move Outlook attributes such as contacts, notes, journal, calendar events, rules, alerts etc. This application enables even migration of Outlook profiles to higher versions. Another noteworthy feature of this utility is that it has an in-built scheduler that supports automatic backup of Outlook data.

 OS and Outlook version compatibility

 Operating System-Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003

Outlook version-Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2007, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Microsoft Outlook 2013, Office 365

Procedure to employ Yodot Move Outlook PST

Download application on Windows system. Then, install the utility accordingly. Next, run it and follow below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Main screen will put forth three options as listed below

  • Backup – This option makes it possible to create backup of chosen Outlook profile
  • Restore – In case of unpredicted application crash, using this option the user can select a desired profile and restore it successfully
  • Migrate- Responsible for migrating complete Outlook profile from one computer to a higher version or another Outlook account

Select Backup option and then again two more back up option will be provided namely- Smart Backup and Advanced Backup. Go for Advanced Backup and then save the file into a portable device

Step 2: Again download and run the same application on to a new system onto which the Outlook Inbox has to be copied

Step 3: Connect the portable device (that is holding the backup created in first step) to this new computer

Step 4: Click on Migrate option from the main window and then select backup from portable device. Then click on Next button to complete the process