how to Fix MP4 not Playing on Windows XP?

“Yesterday virus was detected in a hidden video file on my Windows XP laptop. To remove this file I followed the steps of antivirus software. After completion of all steps virus was removed successfully. Now when I try to play MP4 file its showing error message like invalid MP4 file error on my system. Is there any solution for this? Please reply…..”

MP4 provide high quality videos along with compression technology that reduces your file size in great way. MP4 is a high reliable and inexpensive application, MP4 files are supported by various video player programs and devices such as iPods, iPhones, and others. In spite of having these uses, sometimes users will face several difficulties while using it. One of the regular issues which is faced is MP4 file cannot be played on Windows system due to presence of some errors. Let us discuss some scenarios that cause corruption to your MP4 file:

  • If any interruption occurs while downloading or transferring MP4 videos
  • If you use incompatible media players to play MP4 file then file get corrupt
  • MP4 files may not play due to virus infection like Trojan horse

If you have come across any of above listed situation and your MP4 file is not playing on Windows XP then what can be done in such case? Don’t be frustrated. You can repair corrupt MP4 file easily by using advanced software like  MOV Repair.

Features of MOV Repair software:

MOV Repair is an outstanding tool which can prominently fix MP4 not playing on Windows XP system for any reason. In addition, this application can repair MP4 video file error after video file becomes invalid, partial, unplayable, broken, corrupt or inaccessible. Apart from MP4 files, this tool can mend M4V and MOV video files which showing errors on various media players. This utility also supports to repair corrupt MP4 files from external devices like memory card, hard drive, iPod, flash drive and other storage devices. This application is compatible with various versions of both Windows and Mac OS. If you have any issues while repairing MP4 file, then you can mail the same to the technical support staff who will be available 24/7 to assist you.

Steps to fix MP4 not playing on Windows XP error:

Download and install MOV Repair on Windows system. Then run the application and follow instructions which are displayed on screen in order to fix MP4 not playing on Windows XP. First browse the MP4 file which showing error. Next click on “Repair” button to start repair process of selected MP4 file. After successful completion of repair process it will display success message like “File repaired successfully”. Finally select destination path to save repaired MP4 file on Windows system.


  • Keep backup of MP4 file on more than one destination location
  • Install updated antivirus protection to prevent virus attack on your MP4 file
  • Follow proper procedure while shutting down the system when MP4 file is being played