How to Fix PPT File?

“I have several PPT files created by PowerPoint 2003. I made these presentations 3 month before and from that time I am using them without any problem. But I am not able to access them since yesterday. When I try to open them, I get an error stating, the file is in use. Please help, I need to access them shortly. How do I save myself from recreating them? I have searched and tried many solutions but none of those gave result. Can anyone please guide me? Thanks in advance”

PPT files may display some error messages when you try to open them, if they are damaged or corrupted. You may come across various errors like PowerPoint found a problem with content in filename and PowerPoint can attempt to repair the presentation, this is not a PowerPoint presentation, not enough memory, Part of the file is missing etc. sometimes even PowerPoint application may crash when you attempt to access corrupt PPT file.

When you are facing such situations, you can give a try to these general troubleshooting and few techniques.


  • Start the computer in safe mode
  • Remove all Auto-recover files
  • Install the latest updates for your version of PowerPoint


1)Drag and drop PPT file: Open PowerPoint application > drag PPT file onto the PowerPoint dock icon

2)PowerPoint Repair: Open PowerPoint > File > Open > select PPT file

3)Double-click the PowerPoint presentation: Go to Finder > double-click the PPT file

4)Try open PPT file in PowerPoint Viewer: Open PPT file on another computer

If you can’t open PPT files even after trying all these solutions, then only one way is left for you. But don’t lose hope; you will surely access those corrupt PPT files with the help of promising PPT Repair utility.

 Robust Tool to Fix PPT file:

PPT Repair is the most distinct tool to fix corrupt, damaged or broken PPT file on Windows system. This tool has powerful mechanism that ensures fixation of PPT file even if it is damaged severely. Once the file is repaired, you will get an option to preview fixed PPT file. This application can be used in fixing PPT file which is corrupted due to round tripping, compression, abrupt computer shut down, virus attack etc. Apart from repairing PPT file, it helps in fixing inaccessible PPTX, PPS, and PPSX files. This tool will fixes PPT files on all latest versions of Windows OS like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and Server 2008 respectively. So now, you don’t need to worry that how to fix PPT file? Just follow the steps and access your PPT files.

Steps to Fix PPT File:

  • Get PPT Repair tool, install it on Windows system and run the application
  • Select Browse option in first window, choose PPT file which is to be fixed and hit on Repair Key
  • Preview fixed PPT file via Click Here to preview file link and specify destination and click on Save to store healthy PPT file