How to Get Back Music from iPod on Windows 7?

“Hello Sir.

I am trying to fix my sister’s iPod as it has frozen up and then shut off abruptly.

The iPod was connected to Windows 7 computer for sharing of some music files from the device into the system. During the file sharing process, I accidentally removed the device unaware that the copying was going on. Now, when I reconnected the device to carry out the copying process, the iPod froze and shutdown.
No matter what I tried, the device is not turning on. What to do now! My sister urgently needs all the music files that were saved in the iPod


There is no need to get upset! Just relax yourself. The audio files that were saved in the iPod are present in the same place. You can effectively restore music from iPod on Windows 7 OS with the help of best photo recovery tool.

Some of the scenarios that lead to loss of music from iPod on Windows 7 OS:

Abrupt removal of iPod from the Windows 7 operating system when the read or write process is being carried out can lead to loss of the entire information being processed

If the Windows 7 operating system is infected with virus there are chances that when the iPod is connected to the computer the virus may get into the corrupt the device, thereby blocking access to all the music files that were saved in it

Use of unknown third party applications may sometimes delete some of the important music files that were present in the iPod without the user’s confirmation

iPod Music Recovery Tool:

Photo Recovery is one of the best applications designed by a team of highly qualified software professionals to recover music files that are lost or deleted from iPod when it is connected to Windows 7 system. Designed with the best graphical user interface and equipped with list of highly advanced options, you can easily rescue the music files from the iPod without undergoing any hiccups. Make use of the Save Recovery Session option that is carefully placed, this option allows the user to save the recovery process at any point of time and resume it later stage. You need not scan the entire drive again, but just select the saved recovery process and proceed with the recovery of music. Apart from recovering music files, the user can also get back image files, videos files from iPods and other appliances that are present.

Follow the simple steps to restore music from iPod on Windows 7:

Follow this link to download Photo Recovery tool in the system. Install the application by logging in as local system administrator. On completion of the installation process, you are provided with shortcut icon on the desktop. Launch the tool and then follow the steps that are provided on the main screen of the software.  Deleted Photo Recovery and Lost Photo Recovery are the options that are present, click on either of the button that have resulted in loss of music files from the iPod. Now, in the next screen click on the set of drives present in the system including the iPod that is connected to Windows 7 system. On clicking the Next button, the recovery process takes place and the restored music files are listed in a particular order. Preview the files before saving them on the respective destination location as available to the host operating system user.

Helpful Tips:

Save the iPod music in external storage media and update it regularly

Double check the files before deleting them

Avoid using incompatible third party applications in the system