How to Recover Samsung Infuse Smartphone?

“I had saved various videos, pictures, text messages, games and many other data on my Samsung Infuse Smartphone. But recently while accessing its data on my desktop, the phone got low battery and thus switched off all of a sudden. Due to this, many of the files went missing from my Samsung Infuse mobile phone. I desperately need the data back so can anyone please suggest me the best way to get back lost data from Samsung Infuse Smartphone?”

Android phones are in best use among mobile phone users. Mobiles users opt for Android phones because of various features provided in it. You can store various photos, movies, songs, emails, contact lists, downloaded files, games, etc. in its internal memory as well as externally mounted memory device. But, unfortunately even Android phones also are a victim of data loss in numerous circumstances. Thus users lose various data from Samsung Infuse Smartphone.

Possible ways of data loss from Samsung Infuse mobile phone:

  • Restoring to factory settings: Samsung Infuse data gets lost when it is unintentionally restored to its factory settings
  • Corruption of memory card mounted on Android phone: Memory card inserted on Samsung Infuse phone can get corrupt due to reasons like software conflicts, malware infection, etc. thus causing loss of files
  • Software conflicts: Malfunctioning of Samsung Infuse Smartphone can lead to serious catastrophe as data saved on mobile gets lost
  • Unintentional data deletion: Accidental deletion of any data from the Samsung Infuse Smartphone will also result in loss of data
  • Using the memory card on different devices: When memory card of Samsung Infuse mobile is used on different mobile phones, then chances of data loss is high due to compatibility issues

Data on Samsung Infuse Android phone may get lost in all such above mentioned scenarios and many users struggle recover Samsung Infuse data. For the users convenience there are many third party Recovery tools that helps in Samsung Infuse recovery. One such utility is  Android Data Recovery software. This software has the ability to get back all types of files that are lost or erased from Samsung Infuse 4G Android phone. Additionally you can retrieve data from various Android phones such as Sony Xperia, Motorola Atrix, HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy, HTC Butterfly, LG Optimus, etc. on Windows systems.

Connect Samsung Infuse Smartphone on to Windows system and download Android Data Recovery tool. Install it on your system and run the utility. In the main screen you will see “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” options. Select appropriate option based on the data loss scenario. Next, the software will provide list of logical and physical drives present on the system. Select the drive associated to Samsung Infuse Android phone connected to system. Further, the tool will scan for all files on the Smartphone that can be recovered. Next select a particular location on system to save recovered files and click save.