How to Rescue Sticky Notes from Windows 8.1?

“By mistake I have applied Shift +Delete keys on my important Sticky notes which were saved in my system running with Windows 8.1 operating system. Does any one have an idea how to rescue sticky notes from Windows 8.1?”

On Windows system Sticky notes works as an application of Desktop notes. It was developed to write down reminders in easy and quick way. You can write notes such as address, phone numbers in needed styles in Sticky notes. They are stored with .snt file extension. User can lose their important Sticky notes in various situations as:

  • While erasing useless files from system by mistake you can remove Sticky notes also
  • When transferring Sticky note file to other device and in between sudden computer gets shut down then it leads to lose sticky notes
  • If you want to format your drive and after completion of action user realize that drive formatted contained sticky note then they are also lost

If anyone faces above stated scenarios or other than this also then do not waste your time and use reliable file recovery software to get back deleted/lost Sticky notes.


File Recovery

It is an accurate tool to restore missing/erased Sticky Notes from Windows 8.1 operating system. It is designed with scanning algorithm that get back removed/lost files by file extension, file size, files name and so on. It can even regain documents, basic media files, presentation files, compressed files, paint images and many others from Windows 8.1 computer. Besides from computer it can retrieve files from memory card, pen drive, portable hard drive, Fire Wire, SSD drive etc. It works on Windows7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating system.

Check out how to rescue Sticky Notes from Windows 8.1

First of all download and install  File Recovery tool on Windows 8.1 computer. On main screen two options are present as “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. Choose any one option and click on next button. Now it will display a list of all drives present in computer. Choose drive from which user have to recover Sticky Notes files. Scanning process will start and after completion of process it will display all retrieved files from it. Select needed file from list and you can view your recovered file in “File type view” or “Data view” and press next button. At last save rescue files to new target location and never save it on same drive.


  • When user is deleting multiple files using Shift Delete keys then check it properly
  • If you are transferring files then do not suddenly eject any external device
  • You should always use reliable antivirus application to prevent virus attack
  • User should always keep backup of important files from Sticky Notes in Word file or Notepad