Mac Format Recovery

Many of you might have faced this type of situation, where you opened the Volume in your Macintosh and tried to access the data from it. But instead of opening it displayed an error message like “File system dirty”. After this error message, you did not understand what to do, so without thinking anything you formatted it. After formatting you remembered that the files are no longer available. You think that you may not get those files back and it’s gone forever. Is it completely true? No its not, there are ways by which you can get your files back.

Some of the circumstances where you lose data after formatting are stated below:

  • When you accidently format your Mac Volume or your external storage media
  • In case if you are upgrading to a new operating System on your Mac machine and you used “Erase and Install” option to format, then the entire data that was present on your hard drive will get erased
  • When you are trying to covert from one file system to the another e.g. HFS to HFS+

All the conditions that are mentioned above are common to each one of you.  Where you end up formatting and lose all your images, video clips, documents etc, from Mac hard disk, memory card, camera, pen drive, iPod and other storage devices after format.

While formatting, you have to be careful. Check whether you have selected the right Volume for formatting. Even if you format don’t forget to keep the backup of files that are present on that Volume. So that, you can make use of it whenever you need them. If you keep this point in mind then, you may not face data loss situations like these.

In case you don’t have the backup and you format your Mac Volume. Now what? Of course there are still ways to get them back. As there are many recovery applications that can help you to recover the formatted data. But before buying anything you must be sure, whether it is the safest one to use. One of the best and safest software is Mac Data Recovery. It is professional Mac data recovery software to retrieve lost data due to accidental formatting.

While downloading the software for Mac Format Recovery, take care that you do not install it on the same Volume which you formatted, as that might overwrite previous data and there is a possibility of losing data permanently. The  Mac Data Recovery tool supports many of the file systems like, HFS, HFS +, FAT etc.

For recovering data, go as per the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Download the Mac Data Recovery application and easily install it to your Macintosh operating system
  • Let the application run follow the instructions
  • Two options will be displayed, choose “Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery” option
  • The software will now load the Volumes that are present in your Mac hard disk. Choose the Volume from which you want to recover the formatted data
  • Allow the application to complete the scanning process. Once the scanning is done, the software shows the files that are found
  • Now you are able to view the list of files and folders that can be recovered
  • Browse to select the location or drive to store the recovered files