Microsoft is Presenting its Windows iPhone Keyboard to iOS

microsoft keyboardThe user of iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus only knows difficulty of stretching their thumb across screen to touch Q, W or A, on left- side of keyboard while trying to tap from one-handed.

However, from now onward, users will not be facing it anymore since Microsoft is presenting its Windows Phone keyboard to iOS. The software colossal is presently examining initial version of keyboard inside, and then will make it ready to use for public shortly. Confidant authorities of Microsoft’s disclosed that iOS keyboard contains exclusive single-handed approach.

Even though Windows 10 Mobile’s keyboard has one-handed mechanism, Microsoft’s iOS form is distinct. Here, one-handed mode works on every side, which permits you to use either hand to swipe characters or tap on the go. While Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile keyboard just move to side, to establish a short keyboard, instead of spread-out key structure used in iOS edition. The keyboard will be bowed over bottom-left corner of screen in order to reach every letter within distance of single thumb and don’t use screen space in corner directly.

A left-hand typist can also able to flip keyboard to another edge. In 2014, Apple brought an alternative change in iOS’s default keyboard.

Microsoft isn’t the pioneer to offer a fan shaped single handed keyboard. The Thumbly keyboard is also reinforced over the idea, but it is one of the better characteristics of Windows Phone.

Microsoft took into account of Android and iOS software accompanying versions of Word, Outlook and others for both platforms after focusing ahead of its own software.

Except for single-handed mode, remaining features of Word Flow for iOS will be very much like Windows Phone version. You can get word suggestions, emoji, and Swype to type words. Microsoft is planning to bring Word Flow to iOS in the coming months; with an Android version expected later this year.IOS Word Flow keyboard is anticipated in upcoming months.