Repair and Play Incomplete MP4 Files

“I downloaded an MP4 video from my e-mail account. Then I deleted that mail as it is my habit to remove unwanted mails or after getting info from it. When I tried to open MP4 file, it rejected to play as some part of file is missing. What can I do now to play it? It has very confidential information and I need to access the data at least till where it is downloaded. Please help me with your suggestions.”

In above scenario, MP4 video file access is lost due to incomplete download of MP4 files. If server is down or if file is too big to download then you may end up having incomplete MP4 file. File appears normal and you will not get to know that MP4 file is partially downloaded till you try to play it. Do not panic in such situations, you can fix MP4 video file using suitable repair software. There are many scenarios in which MP4 files will be incomplete and refuse to open. Some of them are as given below:

  • If you are transferring MP4 video files on storage drives of computer and lose connectivity between the drives then file transfer process terminates immediately. The file will not be transferred fully and file gets corrupted
  • When you change file format of MP4 file using unreliable third party software or if you do it manually then there are chances of data on MP4 file getting partially lost and hence get corrupted
  • In case you try playing MP4 files in some unsupported media player then you may lose a part of file which results in unplayable MP4 file

Any of the above reasons may be the cause for unplayable MP4 file. However you can play partial MP4 video files by repairing them using MOV Repair which is one of the efficient repair tools.

Remarkable features of MP4 repair software:

MOV Repair software helps you to fix different video files like MOV, MP4 and M4V on Mac systems. Hence, you can repair and play partial MP4 files easily. This tool supports fixing corrupt or incomplete video files on different versions of OS on Mac computers like Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard. This utility is compatible with different file systems on Mac drives such as FAT, HFS+ and HFSX.

How to make partial MP4 videos playable?

Download MOV Repair by clicking here and install it in Mac computer. Run the software and select incomplete MP4 file by browsing and click on “Repair”. The utility starts scanning corrupt MP4 file to fix it and make it playable. After scanning, you can preview MP4 file and save it on desired location of Mac system.