Repair Incomplete ZIP File

After searching a lot in internet you have found information related to your project work. The file was in ZIP format.  Although the internet was slow, you have downloaded it successfully. But after downloading when you tried to extract files from ZIP file, you were presented with an error message that “The file is incomplete and cannot be opened”. You tried downloading again but still got the same error message. In that case you may feel disappointed for not not able to open the file even after researching a lot.

However, do not worry!!! You can unzip partial ZIP file by making use of any good repair software. The reason why you are not able to open ZIP file is, due to slow internet the ZIP file is partially downloaded and as a result it is refusing to open.

Before we go further let us know why users prefer ZIP file. ZIP file is an archive that can be used to compress many files so that you can easily send many files from one user to another on the internet. But due to its wide usage many users are facing problems associated with it and one of the big issue being corruption. There are various reasons for corruption. Below given are few of them:

  • If you change file extension of a specific file to some other unsupported file extension then the ZIP file might get corrupted and refuse to open
  •  Anti-virus software might damage your ZIP file if it detects any threats while scanning
  •  Interruption such as power failure and improper shutdown of the system while unzipping ZIP files can corrupt it
  •  Malware and spyware are the main cause of damaging your ZIP files
  •  If your internet connection interrupted while downloading ZIP file then there may be chance of having your ZIP file corrupted

To prevent above situation, it is necessary to protect your ZIP file so that you can unzip all the details easily. Regularly scan your computer by utilizing antivirus to get rid of the viruses. Try to keep the backup of the file. In case you haven’t kept the backup then repair software programs are the best choice to get all those files back. There are many software that will assist you to repair the ZIP files. However, you need to choose best among them. Yodot ZIP Repair may be the one that you can trust easily. This software will repair ZIP file of WinZIP corrupted under any circumstances. It repairs ZIP and ZIPX archive on all the versions of Microsoft Windows Operating system such as Windows XP, Vista etc. Moreover, the repairing process includes only 3-4 steps. Download the software to enjoy safe repair of the corrupted RAR file.

Easy and simple steps that you should follow are mentioned below

Download Yodot RAR Repair software into your computer. Install it in your PC and run the program. Follow the steps shown on your window.  Select the damaged ZIP file that you would like to repair. Click on “Repair” button to begin to repairing process. Once this process ends, the repaired files will be displayed. Save the repaired ZIP files to the desired location.