Restore Audio Files from iPod

“I have lost many audio files from my iPod due to factory reset. Actually what happened is, it was taking too long to play a single song so one of my friends has suggested me to restore it. I did not know that restoring will erase all songs from it. Does anyone know how I can retrieve audio files from iPod? There were many audio files which are very difficult to find in internet. Help would be appreciated greatly!!!”

Are you among the one who have faced similar situation and lost your important audio files. If yes then no need to worry!!! Restoring does not erase your files permanently. iPod holds the audio files unless and until you add any new song in it. Therefore do not add any new file to your iPod as this would leads to occupy deleted files space and makes you lose it forever.

Causes behind audio file loss from iPod

  • While trying to make space for new songs, you may accidentally delete important audio from your iPod
  • Virus infection is one of the major causes for music file loss from your computer
  • If something goes wrong while you are transferring audio files from your iPod to Mac computer, then it leads to lose it
  • When you accidentally format iPod then entire songs present in it gets erased and leaves it blank
  • Other causes may include, software malfunction, forceful shut down when iPod is connected to Mac computer, iPod freezing etc.

As these situations seem critical, there is solution as well and the best way to get back audio files from your iPod is using music recovery software.  There are many tools available online. One of the best applications that can be used to restore music from iPod is  Mac Photo Recovery. It is built in with powerful scanning algorithm which helps to retrieve each and every audio file from your iPod. Along with audio files, you are able to rescue other files such as photos, videos, documents and many more. To ensure your selection, it provides “preview” option before saving recovered songs to the desired location. The steps to retrieve audio files from your iPod are as follows:

Connect your iPod to the Mac computer by making use of data cable. Press here. Download Mac Photo Recovery software and install it.  Soon after installation, run it to begin the recovery. The main window will display two options i.e. “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Choose any one from the provided option. Once selecting appropriate option the application will display all the drives including the drive representing iPod. Select the iPod drive to recover files from it and click “Next. The software now starts scanning the iPod drive and displays all the found files in a Mac finder styled interface. Make use of the two view types “Data type” and “View type”. Preview the files before saving them for confirmation and finally store them to the required location. But make sure to save it in different location.