Restoring RAW Files from Compact Flash Card

“Please help, I’m stuck in a very bad situation. The Compact flash card which I took from my cousin is not working at all. Last I checked, the storage media was working fine. I have stored large amount of RAW files in the CF card and now whenever I try to plug the device to my system it shows the device is not ready. What can be done now? Is there any way in which RAW files present in compact flash card can be taken back or is that the permanent end of valuable information?

Relax! There is no need to get upset! The above situation can happen to any one of you. Data loss or RAW file loss from any storage media does not occur permanently unless and until the files are overwritten. Now, to recover RAW files from compact flash card , just install best card recovery tool and follow the simple steps provided.

Some of the scenarios that may lead to loss of RAW files from compact flash card are:

  • Virus or malware infection can cause loss of valuable RAW files from compact flash card
  • Abrupt interruption during the formatting or reformatting process can lead to corruption of compact flash card which in turn causes loss of RAW files from storage media
  • As a result of sudden loss of power while transferring RAW files from compact flash card leads to loss of valuable information

RAW file recovery from compact flash card:

Yodot Photo Recovery is the best suited application that can easily rescue deleted or lost RAW files from compact flash card. Equipped with best recovery algorithms this recovery tool can effectively get back all the RAW files from compact flash card in a minimum amount of time. As soon as the recovery process gets completed, the retrieved RAW files can be listed on the basis of file size, name of the file, date in which the files were created, size of the files and so on. Apart from getting back RAW files from compact flash card, you can also rescue other file types like music, photos, videos and other file types that were saved on compact flash card. Yodot Photo Recovery application can be easily installed on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems. If in case you face any issues during the recovery process of RAW files from compact flash then, just call in our 24/7 technical support team who look into the issue and solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Follow the simple guidelines to restore RAW files from Compact Flash Card:

Click here to download Yodot Photo Recovery tool in the system. Install the application by logging in as local system administrator. After completion of the installation process, start the recovery product and then follow the instructions that are provided on main screen of the tool. Click on Deleted Photo Recovery or Lost Photo Recovery which ever option has resulted in loss of RAW files from compact flash card. After selecting the desired option, get to the next window where you can select the drive, i.e the compact flash card from where RAW files have been lost or deleted. Now proceed to the next window to next screen where you can select the RAW files that have to be recovered. At last, start the scanning process, after completion of which you can preview the restored RAW files before saving them to the respective destination location as available to the host operating system user.


  • Double check the files before deleting them
  • Avoid abrupt removal of compact flash card while read or write process is going on
  • Install best antivirus protection to prevent virus infection on CF card