Solution for Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive failure is the most common issue for computer users.  There are many reasons that causes to hard drive fail. If you use same hard drive continuously for longer period of time then it may get failure. This is one of the main common reasons for hard drive failure.

You can see hard drive failure in portable device such as laptops when it gets dropped by someone. The parts of hard drive are very sensitive so if you drop your laptop it will begin to exhibit signs like buzzing sounds or power down the system immediately.

Another reason for hard drive failure is power spikes, if your system is not plugged into a surge protected device or power bar often a power spike can roast the internal components including the hard drive. This is not frequently happens, but some users may experience this kind of situations.

What kind of sign will hard drive give before getting failure or inaccessible?

Below are some of the signs that the hard drive will give before getting failure:

  • Computer freezes often and the mouse cursor is unmovable and keyboard input is ignored, nothing works and a restart is needed to recover the computer
  • Frequently lock up during booting

These are typical sign you will get before hard drive failure. Once you observe this kind of signs then it’s better to take the back up of your data immediately. Otherwise you are giving chance to hard drive to lose your complete data.


Once we have get symptoms for hard drive failure then first thing you have to do is just stop working on that system. And verify the following things:

  • Verify whether the power cable and data cable is properly connected to the drive or not
  • If you are using a IDE drive then ensure the ribbon cable is aligned properly or not and master/slave assignment is correctly set to this IDE drive or not

Also checks the BIOS connection of the hard drive, for this go into the computer’s BIOS and check the drive. If it is able to detect the hard drive that means we have a solid connection. But it doesn’t mean that drive is good or working fine.

Use the third party disk management program to view the partition on the drive. If no active partition is found then the partitions are screwed up. Means your data has become in accessible or loss. But you can use data recovery software to get back your data. If your hard drive is partially working then go for Scan Disk or Check Disk options on the drive. These are the best options if your hard disk is functioning partially.

Software option to recover your hard drive failure:

If your hard drive is not fully crashed then “Disk Utility “can help you to recover somewhat. But if hard drive is completely crashed then no software option can overcome that. In such cases recovery software is the only option to recover your hard drive.

Recovery software:

Too many people will lose the data which is not backed up and they will struggle a lot to get back those data. There is some recovery software available in the market to recover your data from failed hard drive. But the cost of this software will ranges from $300 to $400. The data recovery will depend on the nature of hard drive failure. i.e, if the electronics of the drive died, but mechanisms are OK, then replacing the electronic board can retrieve the drive. If the read /write head died, but platters still spin are intact, then the data is still is there and a new read/write head is needed to get the data.