Strong Google pixel C tablet

Google designed first Android 10.2-inch Pixel C tablet which is built for productivity as well as useful features. Google pixel C tablet was first proclaimed in September which goes up against Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and Apple’s iPad Pro. So all are focused on tablet by making work more ready with great keyboards. The major computer makers are competing to make the best keyboard which is magical ingredient, will transform a fun-loving tablet into a work device.

Keyboard of Google (GOOG) pixel C tablet:

Google pixel C tablet is rigid with bare bones but feels well made. Its outer cover is made up of anodized aluminum and inner body is made up of real plastic keys which will click and clack. This keyboard is attached to the screen using a wide magnetic strip, which makes the two objects to work as well as it feel like one device. The Pixel C’s keyboard is directly recharges from the tablet when it is attached as a cover. But its performance doesn’t live up to the design. If we type something at normal speed in a Google Doc it will show a noticeable lag. However, sometimes you may come across common issue while handling keyboard such as letters may stuck while writing in such instance keyboard may stop its working and the tablet switch to an onscreen keyboard.

In Chromebook, the Pixel C’s Caps Lock button has been replaced with a dedicated search button. Google have declared that trackpad and mouse are unnecessary in Apple AAPL, Tech30. This two device will be available in pixel C tablet where you can touch it on the screen.

Nowadays, Tablets is growing well as smartphones and it frequently run with modified versions of their simple operating systems. It feels quite difficult to multitask without full versions of productivity software or the traditional multitasking features of a desktop.

The Pixel C has the power of a work laptop. It runs on Nvidia Texgra X1 processor and its battery backup is more than 10 hours. There is one USB Type-C port, where you can charge the battery, can transfer the data or you can connect it to an external display and even you can power up your phone.